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Trauma Coaching

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Family trauma coaching is a type of coaching that helps families understand and support each other. It can guide family members through a difficult time in a safe place, using a variety of methods and techniques to explore this difficult conflict. This is helpful when families are feeling overwhelmed, sad and angry; when they are at a crossroads and are unsure how to move forward or when they fear certain behaviours will not change. 


Whether a family is dealing with; negative behaviours, illness, death, mental health or substance use problems, financial, moving, adoption/fostering, divorce or separation, family coaching can help. We can help encourage family members to speak and listen to each other, stop blaming and explore solutions, as well as better communicate their needs and desires. 


Coaching may last only one or a few sessions, or it may take some families longer. Each family is unique and individualized.

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Mother and Child


As a trauma coach, we offer a safe and confidential place for a child to open up about experiences, thoughts, feelings or problems. Children often experience moments in life that can disrupt their sleeping, thinking, mood, feelings or behaviour.  We can help children understand this situation and express themselves in order to cope with these experiences. These sessions often start with identifying the difficult time or times, establishing safety for the child, identifying certain triggers and coping with these triggers. 

Call us if you or one of your family members is dealing with a crisis and needs help navigating through this... let's chat

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